3 Inch Ponytail a ‘Human Right’

Posted on September 22, 2011


Tibet can wait. An 11 year old boy from Bolton in the UK has been told he can’t attend classes unless his 3 inch ponytail is removed, reports the Mail Online.

Connor Wallwork got pulled up by teachers at Westhoughton High who told him his rattie is in breach of the school’s uniform policy, even in it’s unwound, flacid state. Amazingly, they haven’t suspended him but offered to teach him in a classroom on his own, in what we can only presume is a tactic to stop the trend spreading among the clean-necks. While we can sympathise with young Connor and his maiden style crisis, it’s his father’s channelling of Aung San Suu Kyi that really beggars belief:

‘They asked me if it is a religious thing. It’s not but it is what my son believes. ‘It’s all right for girls but not for lads, it’s infringement of human rights.

‘No one else has complained about it, he’s not hurting anyone and it’s not distracting him or anyone else in lessons. If he had a pink Mohican I could understand it, but it’s just a small pony tail.’

‘It would be like cutting someone’s finger off.’

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