Burqa Burqa

Posted on September 23, 2011


France have upped there crusade to take Islam of the streets by enforcing the first fines against women wearing full face veils, reports the New York Times. The fines come hot on the heels of a new law banning outdoor prayers, which must have the Muslim community scratching their heads and wondering what exactly it is they can do.  32 year old Hind Ahmas had to fork out 120 euros for the privilege, while 36 year old Najate Nait Ali copped an 80 euro fine for her troubles. Sarkozy’s line is that the ban is for the defence of ‘French values’ and the rights of women. I’d be genuinely worried if our PM bossed the values we should uphold, lest we all start robbing miners and taking forced vacations to Malaysia while ripping off Ronald McDonald’s hair do.

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