Great Balls Of Fire

Posted on September 23, 2011


Unless you’re a bit of a scally with a penchant for flat-screens and hoodies, it’s safe to say the London riots probably didn’t do an awful lot of good for the UK’s tourism industry. PM David Cameron has today unveiled his master plan to combat the cities growing rep as a Children of Men style apocalyptic metropolis with his (excuse the lazy pun) great new campaign, reports the BBC.

Posters dedicated to British stalwarts including perpetual virgin Richard Branson, lumps of play dough Wallace and Gromit, and murderous monarch King Henry VIII, have been unveiled to sell “great” Britain to the world. We’d like to hear what other posters you think should go in to production. Great Teeth? Great Sandal and Sock Combos? Great Immigration? The possibilities are endless.

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