Man Stalks His Own Girlfriend

Posted on September 23, 2011


There’s being overprotective and then there’s sending naked revenge pics of your missus to her dad. The Mail Online reports that Ruth Jeffery couldn’t understand why an internet stalker had been harassing her for almost 3 years, sending naked pictures of her to family and friends and even posting a listings for her on escort sites. On occasion, customers would rock up at her house looking for action, only to be turned away by the creep that masqueraded as her in the first place.

Police finally cottoned on after three years (a worrying indictment of the e-crime task force in Southampton), and the ex has since pleaded guilty in court and is awaiting sentencing. We’re still trying to figure out why she went public with this story as she is allegedly still trying to get some of the images removed from the web. We’ll leave it right there for those intrepid internet explorers.

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