Top 5 McFails

Posted on September 24, 2011


To celebrate Mcdonald’s being shorn of the coveted National Heart Foundation Tick on foods marketed as healthier options, let’s take a walk down memory lane and reminisce with some of Macca’s more creative offerings, starting with the McPizza.

Stoners and fat people have two options at munchie o’clock, Maccas or pizza. The boffins at McDonalds HQ subscribed to the old ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ philosophy in the mid nineties and launched the McPizza. On all accounts it was spicy and delicious, with outlets even widening their drive-thru windows to cater for it. In an already competitive pizza market, sadly Maccas failed in convincing people to shun their local pizza store in favour of this bad boy.


Who in their right mind goes to McDonald’s for lobster? Christ almighty this looks rank. We can guarantee minimal lobster content, most likely it’s made up of that seafood extender sludge that’s a hodge podge of catfish, pelicans and dead sailors.


Macca’s obsession with pasta just won’t go away. As well as rolling out McSpagehtti (along with a fettucine and lasagne variation) in the States back in the 90’s, you might remember they had another go with those ravioli kids meals (Pasta Zoo?) that Australia and New Zealand copped a few years ago. They’ve since been withdrawn from sale due to poor results.


Surprised really that this one didn’t have more success. It’s been re-introduced several times since the 80’s, and as recently as 2009 in Japan, yet it just never seems to take off. Maybe people just got too confused with Taiwan’s MC Hot Dog.


The best thing about the McDLT is the chance to watch this video and realise that there was a time when George Constanza actually had hair. In all seriousness though, who wants to order fast food and then make it themselves?

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