Top 5 Actors Who’ve Played US Presidents

Posted on September 26, 2011


A while back I remember reading something about Denzel Washington being cast as Barack Obama in a biopic of Obizzle’s life. Whether or not you agree that Denzel is the right choice (Michael K. Williams anyone?), here are The Daily Waster’s picks as the most memorable actors to play Commander-in-Chief, starting with Bill Pulman from Independence Day:

Pullman’s fighter-pilot prez was so inspirational, New York comedian Sean Kleier hit the streets on July 4 this year and recited his rousing speech from just before the final battle scene, megaphone and all. Needless to say it went down a treat.

Harrison Ford’s president in Air Force One was even more badass than Pullman’s. He was a former Medal of Honour winner that managed to negotiate (read: kill) a plane load of terrorists. We’re starting to notice a pattern here. I suppose it wouldn’t have been as exciting with a Herbert Hoover type figure building dams and tariff modelling as the baddies ran a train on his wife.

The people of Ireland were so impressed with Martin Sheen’s performance as President in The West Wing, that they’ve started a credible push to get him to run for President over there.

Oliver Stone’s excellent ‘W’ featured Josh Brolin as Dubya in some of the more trying times of his life (other than grade three geography). For shit’s and giggles, Vanity Fair deputy editor Bruce Handy tried to morph a picture of Brolin and George W Bush together to see if it would resemble Republican primary candidate Rick Perry. The results are worryingly close.

The original ‘first black president’ was Dennis Haysbert from the first series of 24. I wonder how much influence he had in desensitizing America to the idea of a black prez? Hopefully not too much, as he did end up getting assassinated later in the series.

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