Pilot in Toilet as Passenger Plane Flips

Posted on September 29, 2011


Passengers on an All Nippon Airways flight to Okinawa were left with their dinners in their hair as the plane they were travelling on banked 130 degrees while the pilot was in the toilet.

The ABC reports the co-pilot was trying to unlock the cockpit door and accidentally hit a command button, causing the jet to roll and plummet 1,900 feet in just 30 seconds.

“The images are incredible. The plane found itself in an almost unimaginable position,” a pilot told the NHK television channel after the footage was made public.

Almost as annoying as the people that jump out of their seats and start unloading their overhead luggage the second the wheels hit the ground, to get in pole position for disembarking. Wait for the seatbelt sign, let’s start on a level playing field please.

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