App That Can Tell If Your Son Is Gay

Posted on September 30, 2011


I know a few Dad’s that should be downloading this quick smart. Developed by Android, the app poses a serious of questions and then makes a judgement on the sexuality of your son, reports

Why not take the test yourself? Don’t blame us if you’re not happy with the results…

1) Does he like to dress up nicely?

2) Does he pay close attention to his outfits and brand names?

3) Does he like football?

4) Before he was born did you wish he would be a girl?

5) Has he ever gotten into or participated in a fight?

6) Does he read sports magazines?

7) Does he have a best friend?

8 ) Does he like team sports?

9) Is he prudish/modest?

10) Does he like diva singers?

11) Does he spend a long time in the bathroom?

12) Does he have a tongue, nose or ear piercing?

13) Does he spend time getting ready before being seen in public?

14) Have you asked yourself questions about your son’s sexual orientation?

15) Are you divorced?

16) Does he like musical comedies?

17) Has he introduced you to a girlfriend ever?

18) Is the father (you) very strict or authoritarian with his son?

19) In your family is the father absent?

20) Was he shy as a child?

21) Is he close to his father?

100% Fail proof.

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