Queen’s Stalker Lay Dead Near Palace for Three Years

Posted on October 3, 2011


An American man was so obsessed with the royal family that he set up a discreet campsite on an island in the middle of St James’ Park, in clear view of Buckingham palace, where he would eventually die and go unnoticed for three years.

The Telegraph reports that it wasn’t until a tree doctor examining the vegetation on the island on behalf of the Borough Council stumbled upon skeletal remains, that they were identified as the elderly Robert James Moore.

Mr. Moore is alleged to have sent thousands of letters and packages to Buckingham Palace over a 15 year period, including obscene photos, 600 page letters, his passport and hoax bombs.

The UK maintains a Fixated Threat Assessment Centre, which was on high alert for lone obsessives ahead of this year’s Royal wedding in April.

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