5000 Chickens Fall Off Truck Onto Road

Posted on October 21, 2011


A truck carrying crates with about 5,000 live chickens crashed into another rig, tossing the crates and poultry onto Interstate 80 near Vacaville, Los Angeles, KTXL-TV Channel 40 reported.

The LA Times says the driver of the chicken truck had apparently fallen asleep and was driving erratically, when the other truck (carrying jugs of water) was stopped on the shoulder with mechanical problems. He tried to radio the poultry truck driver to wake him up, but got no response. The trucks clipped each other, and one of the trailers carrying the chickens jack-knifed and spilled the chicken crates onto the road.

The Times beat us to it, but yes, it appears the chickens were trying to cross the road.

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