Bjork’s New Album Released as an App

Posted on October 25, 2011


Iceland’s Queen of the zany is pushing the boundaries once more on her latest release ‘Biophillia’, making the album available as a fully interactive app that is more of a ‘game’ than an album.

The New York Times says the traditional, linear version of “Biophilia,” is released this month and can be downloaded from iTunes, but the far more exciting option is to acquire the “Biophilia” program from the iPad App Store.

“…On the iPad screen a galaxy unfolds that you can twist and zoom and pan. Each of the 10 major stars represents a song. When you tap a star, you are offered ways to explore, understand and interact with the tune. There are lyrics and detailed musical analyses. You can watch a scrolling score of the song or simply listen as a colorful visualization passes by.

The real magic happens when you press “play.” That doesn’t tell the machine to play the song; it means it’s time for you to play the song…”

It’s even got narration from David Attenborough. The future of music? Read more here.

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