87 Year Old Man Arrested With $3m Worth Of Cocaine

Posted on October 26, 2011


The Huff Post reports that Michigan police arrested an 87-year-old man on Friday after he told authorities that he was forced “at gunpoint” to transport the 105 bricks of cocaine they found in the trunk of his pick-up truck.

Authorities said that they asked Leo Earl Sharp to pull over after they noticed him veering out of his lane. When Sharp denied the trooper permission to search his truck, police brought a dog to the scene and quickly discovered the narcotics.

The Detroit News described the scene in the court room as “comical” and “one of the more colorful appearances in recent memory.” The newspaper explained that at one point the 87-year-old said he couldn’t hear the judge because he lost his hearing “in the war” and that he was unable to return to his home in Indiana because his passport was stolen.

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