Man Sells Sheep Lawn Mowers For $1

Posted on November 3, 2011


Heritage Lawn Mowing is a company that rents out sheep as a landscaping aid, reports the New York Times.

For a small fee, Mr. Eddie Miller (whose official job title is “shepherd”), brings his flock of sheep to your address where they will graze away your overgrown lawn and weeds.

The results are a win-win, says Mr Miller. The sheep eat free, saving him hundreds of dollars a month in food costs, and his clients get a freshly cut lawn, with none of the carbon emissions of a conventional gas-powered mower.

Customers pay $1 per sheep per day, but Mr. Miller also accepts barter payments, which have so far included karate lessons, jugs of maple syrup and the use of one homeowner’s truck.

Surely someone in New Zealand has had this idea before?

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