South AfricanMan Fined For Spilling Whiskey Near President

Posted on December 1, 2011


The LA Times reports on the thirsty dissenter who was found guilty of assault and fined $1,000 for spilling a glass of whiskey near the country’s president, Jacob Zuma, at a meeting in July last year.

“The man, Daryl Peense, insisted that he accidentally spilled whiskey from an upper balcony and meant Zuma no harm.

But one of Zuma’s bodyguards, Funani Nemaenzhe, told authorities that he saw Peense pour his drink on Zuma as the president passed.

Nemaenzhe said another bodyguard shielded Zuma from the falling whiskey using his jacket. He said immediately after pouring the drink, Peense withdrew from sight.

“I noticed he had a tumbler in his hand and then he poured it on the president. After doing so he moved back,” Nemaenzhe said in court evidence.”

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